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Bioteknologia -  kestävän biotalouden mahdollistaja
Bioteknologia - kestävän biotalouden mahdollistaja
DelSiTechille merkittävä lisenssisopimus globaalin lääkeyhtiön kanssa
DelSiTechille merkittävä lisenssisopimus globaalin lääkeyhtiön kanssa
Ruokaa mikrobien avulla, biotekniikan seuraava aalto
Ruokaa mikrobien avulla, biotekniikan seuraava aalto
Apua lääkeinnovaatioiden kuolemanlaaksoon
Apua lääkeinnovaatioiden kuolemanlaaksoon

Helsinki Biobank and Fimmic Introduce a Unique One Access Service for Biomedical Research

Tissue sample collections and digital services with deep learning -based image analysis solutions now available as a combined service

Helsinki Biobank and medical AI software company Fimmic announce a collaboration by presenting a unique one access service concept. The new service combines Helsinki Biobank´s large collection of pathology samples and world-class digital services with state-of-the art deep learning AI -based image analysis solutions from Fimmic.

As a result, biomedical researchers, diagnostic and pharma companies have a unique and convenient access to data and technology, which enables completely new discoveries from the biological samples as well as improving the efficiency of sample analytics.

“We believe that together we can offer something extraordinary for the research and drug development community”, says Kaisa Helminen, Fimmic CEO. “Helsinki Biobank has a significant collection of tissue samples with excellent, comprehensive patient records. We at Fimmic have developed a unique cloudbased software platform, Aiforia®, where the analysis of tissue sample images can be fully automated. The analysis is based on deep learning AI technology, which enables automated identification, quantification and classification of complex or rare target features, e.g. malignant tumors. This opens up enormous possibilities for new discoveries from biological samples.”

“Together we are in a unique position to combine state-of-the-art technologies and medical research expertise with biobanking, which is more and more about turning the samples into data”, explains Kimmo Pitkänen, Director of Helsinki Biobank. “Our new one access service really brings biodata banking to practice. Instead of giving out only a physical sample, Helsinki Biobank gives the researcher the sample in a digitalized form combined the deep clinical and biological data from the hospital data lake. Now, together with Fimmic, we can combine it with digital analyses capabilities. This creates new exciting possibilities for medical research.”

The Meilahti Campus, where both Helsinki Biobank and Fimmic are located, is one of the most important medical campuses in Europe. The unique service concept will increase the interaction in the whole ecosystem, aiming to serve all research and pharma communities. “Fast and easy access to intelligent image analysis tools which facilitate high-throughput analysis of tissue samples holds the potential for more efficient drug discovery and drug development. Together with Helsinki Biobank, we can offer full digital pathology service for the research and pharma community, and thus facilitate and speed up their research endeavours”, Helminen summarizes.

About Fimmic

Fimmic, founded in 2013, is a spin-off company from the Finnish Institute for Molecular Medicine at the University of Helsinki. Fimmic’s unique Aiforia® Cloud brings together Deep Learning -based Image Analysis and high-performance Cloud Computing. The SaaS solution enables fast, accurate and affordable analysis support for every pathologist and medical researcher in tissue-based image analytics through a zero friction cloud deployment and intuitive online user interface. Aiforia is currently sold for research use. In addition to digital pathology images, Aiforia is compatible with any 2D images. Please visit for more information.


Kaisa Helminen, CEO

About Helsinki Biobank

Helsinki Biobank and Fimmic Introduce a Unique One Access Service for Biomedical Research

Helsinki Biobank is a hospital based biobank operating as part the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS). Helsinki Biobank covers 2,2 million inhabitants. Helsinki Biobank provides samples from its large sample repository, with associated clinical information, for approved medical research and R&D projects. In addition, the biobank offers pathology sample services, other biological data and possibility for patient recall. The largest retrospective sample collection contains diagnostic samples from 1,3 million individuals collected during years 1982-2013.

More information on Helsinki Biobank website:


Dr. Kimmo Pitkänen, Director of Helsinki Biobank


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