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BioFinland-palkinto myönnetään vuonna 2024 FinVector Oy:lle 
BioFinland-palkinto myönnetään vuonna 2024 FinVector Oy:lle 
Kestävä biotalous edellyttää panostuksia myös biotekniikkaan
Kestävä biotalous edellyttää panostuksia myös biotekniikkaan
Suomalaisyhtiö Tenboron kehittää mullistavaa syöpähoitoa
Suomalaisyhtiö Tenboron kehittää mullistavaa syöpähoitoa
Biovian ja 3P Biopharmaceuticals yhdistävät voimansa ja perustavat 3PBIOVIANin (2)
Biovian ja 3P Biopharmaceuticals yhdistävät voimansa ja perustavat 3PBIOVIANin (2)

Blueprint Genetics expands in North America by building a new CLIA/CAP NGS facility in Seattle

The need for more space and expansion of the North American team will support the strong growth in sample volumes, new customers and partnerships.

“The expansion to Seattle marks an important milestone for Blueprint Genetics. In the past two years, we have grown significantly and now need more infrastructure and resources to support this growth. Our Seattle laboratory is all about improving our services for North American patients and healthcare providers and building the capacity for larger test volumes. We are truly motivated to serve the healthcare professional community with our exceptional quality and transparent genetic testing approach”, states Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of the company Dr. Tero-Pekka Alastalo (MD, PhD), who has overseen the North American business for the company.

Blueprint Genetics has a global presence and collaborates with over 1,000 clinics in over 40 countries.

During the past three years, the North American market has been the fastest growing, and today, it represents more than 60% of Blueprint’s rare disease sample volume. The new CLIA/CAP facility in Seattle will play a significant role in further positioning Blueprint as a quality leader in the North American rare disease genetic testing space.

“It is so exciting to be part of the Blueprint Team and see the rapid growth here in North America. As an ABMGG certified geneticist, it has been a great opportunity to be involved in building the next level of diagnostics and clinical interpretation for patients with rare diseases. I feel privileged to be part of building the new Seattle facility with Blueprint Genetics”, comments Dr. Jennifer Schleit (PhD, FACMG), Laboratory Director of the new Seattle facility.

Blueprint Genetics is currently undergoing a rapid expansion, which involves hiring professionals at all levels to staff the new Seattle facility.

“Building a new team brings with it the opportunity to further develop our offering, improve our customer service operations and expand our capacity as a laboratory. Seattle is a rapidly developing hub for the technology and healthcare industries and we are excited for this new chapter! This will be the new home of our North American operations at Blueprint”, says Willonie Mendonca (MS, CGC), Site Leader.

The Seattle expansion is expected to open in July 2019 and will not affect the turnaround time of our testing or the quality of our service. North American customers will be kept informed about ongoing developments and changes in the ordering process. The Blueprint Genetics North America business development and sales headquarters will remain in San Francisco.

Blueprint Genetics in short:

  •     Founded in 2012

  •     Provider of high quality clinical genetic testing for inherited disorders

  •     Global FTE 150

  •     Customer base spanning over 40 countries, collaboration with over 1,000 clinics and 2,000 physicians

  •     Major markets in the United States, Canada and Europe

Also available online:

Blueprint Genetics is one of the fastest growing genetic diagnostics businesses globally in the field of clinical genetic testing of rare inherited diseases. In addition to the North American location, the company has operations in Helsinki, with a customer base spanning over 40 countries.

Further information

Chief Medical Officer, co-founder Tero-Pekka Alastalo,

Communication manager Juulia Simonen,