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Uute Scientific Oy

Uute Scientific Oy
Yrityksen nimi

Uute Scientific Oy


Haartmaninkatu 4, FI-00290 Helsinki


+358 50 307 2230






Rita Nordin


Kari Sinivuori


Biomaterials, Suppliers and Distributors and Other organisations, Agrobiotech

Viimeksi päivitetty

22 February 2023

Yrityksen profiili

We are Uute Scientific from Finland. Our raw material Re-Connecting Nature microbial extract was developed at the universities of Tampere and Helsinki. It corresponds to a microbial community found in rich forest and nature. When added as a raw material to various consumer goods natural exposure can be brought into everyday life even when it is not possible in an urban environment. Environmental exposure is essential for the immune system to be able to train itself and maintain its operations.

Until 10 years ago, this type of innovation would not have been possible. Now, there is enough of know-how. We have created a new ecosystem at the interface of disciplines, immunoecology, where envionmental ecology and medicine combine. At the same time, this has enabled the emergence of top Finnish innovation.

The company is founded 2018 and our vision is life without immune-mediated diseases. We hope to be able to transform our living environment to promote health and well-being through a variety of consumer products.

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