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Replicon Health Ltd

Replicon Health Ltd
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Replicon Health Ltd


Tekniikantie 2, FI-02150 Espoo


+358 50 552 9633






Petteri Hirvonen


Petteri Hirvonen


Drug Discovery and Development / Drug Delivery

Viimeksi päivitetty

1 February 2023

Yrityksen profiili

Replicon Health Oy has developed a New Active Medicinal Substance (NAS/NCE) that can activate energy metabolism and mitochondria in humans and in animals without an increase in oxidative stress. After years of successful pretesting, we have now shown in a peer reviewed study that well tolerated oral doses reduces low grade inflammation already in 4-days in aging persons, and further that in 3-weeks substantial improvements for certain Block Buster drug indications with unmet medical need can be seen. Especially the immune system, CNS, muscles, and the liver function benefit. NASH / NAFLD and related orphan drug indications are our primary therapeutic target areas.

Our patented molecule formulation can uniquely influence the causes of many age-associated disorders, not just alleviate the symptoms. Well tolerated mechanism of action is based on several whole-body enhancements of mitochondrial energy metabolism creating fast, strong, and sustained efficacy.

We aim to enter the markets with partners and carefully selected oral solutions. Developed commercially viable mass production technology is sustainable.

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