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Finnoflag Oy

Finnoflag Oy
Yrityksen nimi

Finnoflag Oy


PO Box 262, Isoharjantie 6, FI-71800 Siilinjärvi


+358 17 2822828






Elias Hakalehto


Elias Hakalehto


Diagnostics and Bioanalytics, Industrial Biotech, Environmental Biotech

Viimeksi päivitetty

1 February 2022

Yrityksen profiili

Finnoflag Oy is specialized in lab&field analysis, bioprocesses, advanced biocatalysis, microbiological safety, hygiene control, soil management, and environmental monitoring. Finnoflag PMEU (Portable Microbe Enrichment Unit) is used for testing microbes, developing probiotics, and ecosystem services. In 2012-14 Finnoflag Oy was the key technology provider in the EU Baltic Sea biorefinery project ABOWE, as well as the Polaris project in 2009-12 for monitoring household water. PMEU is used for the determination of antibiotic resistance, pathogens, microbiome etc. Finnoflag Oy is active in joint industrial development in the Hiedanranta area in Tampere, integrated into sustainable city planning, recycling, and environmental cleaning. Microbes offer means for uncountable applications: side streams are fully converted to biochemicals, energy gases and fertilizers. Other activities include several publicly funded projects and an EU Horizon project principal technological provision.

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