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Finnadvance Oy

Finnadvance Oy
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Finnadvance Oy


Aapistie 5A, FI-90220 Oulu


+358 40 586 9225






Jari Moilanen


Prateek Singh


Drug Discovery and Development / Drug Delivery, Industrial Biotech, Preclinical CRO

Viimeksi päivitetty

2 March 223

Yrityksen profiili

Finnadvance is developing radically innovative microfluidic chips and organ-on-chip platforms for safe, reliable and cost effect drug testing for pharma industry and academic and clinical research. Our platforms are especially valuable for developing therapies for rare diseases and to develop personalized medicine.

The main target customer group is pharmaceutical industry. Conventional drug discovery uses methods like animal testing which is inhuman, expensive, time consuming and unreliable. Drug candidates which pass animal tests usually fail in clinical phase. Our organ-on-chip and disease-on-chip cell culture platforms are designed to mimic conditions and functions in human organs to result in better and safer drugs for humans.

In addition, we are manufacturing electrical devices and sofware supporting the use of our chips. All products are sold under our AKITA brand. Finnadvances production facilties are in Oulu, our sales office is in Helsinki.

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