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FIB Membership - ​A wide range of benefits for companies of all sizes

A wide range of benefits for companies of all sizes

Join our members to access a wide variety of benefits and to support our work.

FIB Membership Application

To become a full member of the Finnish Bioindustries Association FIB, a company operating in the biosector or applying biotechnology, domiciled in Finland as a limited company, other legally competent entity, or private entrepreneur can be accepted.

The member must accept the objectives of the FIB. A supporting member can be a private individual or a legally competent entity that wishes to support the association's purpose and activities.

The association's board approves full and supporting members based on their applications. The membership application must be made in writing, and it must include necessary information as required by the board.

​FIB Membership Application

For updates and News

For more information

Alexandra Peth - Managing Director Finnish Bioindustries FIB
Alexandra Peth

Managing Director
Finnish Bioindustries FIB

Eteläranta 10, FI-00131 Helsinki

Membership Fee

Companies of any size can access our Membership program and unlock the benefits or FIB.




Yearly Fee


Contributing Members

< 2 M€

2-15 M€

> 15 M€

500 € *

2000 €

6000 €

Agreement Based

(*) A company with personnel of over 30 is considered as a middle-sized company.

FIB Membership Benefits


To have influence on topical issues that affect the biotechnology sector


To have influence on the preparation of biotechnology legislation where FIB is a provider of expert opinion


To be informed about topical issues regarding biotech programmes and events by email


Introduction of your company on FIB web site


Opportunity to participate in biotechnology seminars and training events


Member discounts on e.g. BIO-Europe event


Joint representation of your company with FIB at international forums


Company press releases published on FIB web site

FIB Members

Member List updated on January 2024

AB Enzymes Oy
Aiforia Technologies Oy
Aranda Pharma Oy
Finnish Biobanks - FINBB
BiopSense Oy
Biovian Oy
Blueprint Genetics Oy
Charles River Discovery Research Services Finland Oy
Danisco Technology Center
DelSiTech Ltd
Finnfeeds Finland Oy
FinVector Oy
Genencor International Oy
Innovestor Life Science
HealthTurku / Turku Science Park Ltd
Helsingin Innovaatiopalvelut
Herantis Pharma Oy
Hytest Ltd Innovestor Life Science Oy
Kansallinen Lääkekehityskeskus Oy
Magnasense Technologies Oy
Medix Biochemica Oy
Ab OncoBone Oy
Organon R&D Finland Oy
Orion Corporation, Orion Pharma
PerkinElmer Wallac Oy
PriceWaterHouse Coopers
Rappta Therapeutics Oy
Reagena Oy Ltd
Roal Oy
Sartar Therapeutics Ltd
Symeres Finland Oy
Targovax Ltd Tenboron Oy
Tenboron Oy
Thermo Fisher Scientific Oy
Valo Therapeutics Oy
Verdera Oy
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