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BioFinland Member

Vivago Oy

Vivago Oy
Company name

Vivago Oy


Itsehallintokuja 6, FI-02600 ESPOO


+358 10 2190 610





Contact person

Satu Ruissalo


Niina Vilkas

Main categories

Suppliers and Distributors and Other organisations

Last updated

2 February 2023

Company profile

Vivago develops smart safety and wellbeing solutions for preventive care. The innovative solutions cover the whole care chain from home care to assisted living, care homes, hospitals and rehabilitation.

Vivago's solutions increase the feeling of safety with automatic alarms and by providing wide range of wellbeing information to support daily care and to follow-up the effectiveness of care. Real-time notifications inform about changes in the person’s wellbeing and it enables care providers to react proactively and focus on individual care. Wellbeing information can also be shared with relatives.

As a pioneer in health care technology, Vivago already ensures safety for tens of thousands of individuals in Europe.

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