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BioFinland Member

UPM Biomedicals

UPM Biomedicals
Company name

UPM Biomedicals


Biomedicum 2U, Tukholmankatu 8, FI-00290 Helsinki


+358 204 15 111





Contact person

Dr. Johana Kuncova-Kallio


Jussi Pesonen

Main categories

Suppliers and Distributors and Other organisations, Medical devices, Drug Discovery and Development / Drug Delivery

Last updated

28 January 2021

Company profile

We are the forerunner in producing high quality nanocellulose for medical and life science applications.

We take sustainably grown birch, produce cellulose and further refine it into nanofibrillar cellulose. Nanofibrillar cellulose is biocompatible, animal-free, reproducible and is manufactured under ISO 13485 with a path to GMP. The resulting hydrogel provides an environment in which you can store, transport and manufacture biopharmaceutics and culture cells, and later apply them in advanced cell therapies.

Product offering:

GrowDex(R) - for 3D cell assays and HTS/HCS research in pharma
GrowInk(TM) - for 3D bioprinting of cells and tissues
GrowDase(TM) - for gentle release of cells from the gel
FibDex(R) - advanced wound care dressing, CE-mark, ISO 13485
OEM range of gels - cell grade and medical grade (GMP)
We are running 60 projects and have more than 300 patents in the field.

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