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BioFinland Member

Solani Therapeutics

Solani Therapeutics
Company name

Solani Therapeutics


PO Box 23, FI-90571 OULU






Contact person

Elina Niskanen


Elina Niskanen

Main categories

Drug Discovery and Development / Drug Delivery, Pharmaceutical

Last updated

24 February 2022

Company profile

Solani Therapeutics focuses on making administration of drugs easier to companion and production animals.

The company creates innovative products for animal health through in-house projects, and additionally provides animal health companies with a possibility to outsource early innovation and development work.

Our current portfolio includes slow release pain management solutions for post-operative pain and inflammation. Here our aim is to provide the market with drug depots that will not only free vets, pet owners and farmers from the sometimes very stressful and occasionally altogether unsuccessful oral administration, but will also ensure sufficient pain management during the healing period. The most advanced project is an injectable meloxicam depot for cats and dogs to replace oral suspension typically adminstered 3-4 days at home. This project is available for early co-development deal.

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