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BioFinland Member

RoboMed Oy

RoboMed Oy
Company name

RoboMed Oy


Robomed Oy c/o A Grid, PO Box 13100, FI-00076 AALTO Espoo


+358 44 920 2872





Contact person

Yaser Sabzehmeidani


Mohammadali Shafiei

Main categories

Diagnostics and Bioanalytics, Medical devices

Last updated

22 February 2023

Company profile

Robomed is a med-tech company aiming to bring robotic solutions into diagnosis and medical devices. The mission is to administrate robotic-based solutions for human health by a robotic capsule for biopsy, endoscopy and microbiota sampling of small intestine streaming live via smartphone and synchronized VR/AR. RoboMed Oy has an experienced and motivated team of 7 industrial and academic experts working full-time and four other members working part-time. The team was founded in early 2019 and the corporation (RoboMed Oy) was established in September 2020.

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