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BioFinland Member

Rayo 3D Biotech Ltd

Rayo 3D Biotech Ltd
Company name

Rayo 3D Biotech Ltd


Kassivikintie 99-34, FI-01180 Kalkkiranta


+358 40 750 0765





Contact person

Kenneth Tarvonen


Kenneth Tarvonen

Main categories

Medical devices

Last updated

2 March 2023

Company profile

Rayo 3D Biotech Ltd delivers technology with environmentally friendly supporting material for extrusion 3D printing.

3D printing in demanding applications like medical devices, implants, bioprinting or dental constructs requires a printing milieu that ensures complete polymerisation of the object and support for the object without supporting elements.

InLiq-3D® is a solution where printing is made in supporting material without an excessive number of supporting elements or solid base. InLiq® is completely new and patented technology to fabricate 3D-printed objects from biostable or biodegradable resins and hydrocolloids with extrusion type additive manufacturing devices.

We aim to improve the lives of billions of people with an environmentally friendly and technologically advanced production platform for additive manufacturing of medical, dental and biotechnological products.

We open new opportunities for additive manufacturing of resin-based products to challenging industrial sectors. We take advantage of a multidisciplinary understanding of the production and use of custom-made polymer and polymer composite products, even in the most challenging fields, like permanently implantable devices.

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