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BioFinland Member

Neurotar Ltd

Neurotar Ltd
Company name

Neurotar Ltd


Viikinkaari 4, FI-00790 Helsinki


358 9 428 344 56





Contact person

Katja Karelina


Katja Karelina

Main categories

Preclinical CRO, Medical devices

Last updated

2 February 2023

Company profile

Neurotar offers in vivo two-photon and wide-field imaging of the mouse brain as a service to global CNS drug developers. Key applications include dendritic spine turnover, calcium imaging, microglia imaging, blood-brain barrier permeability, and trans-blood-brain barrier pharmacokinetics of large molecules. In vivo two-photon imaging allows studying the brain longitudinally with subcellular resolution while wide-field imaging elucidates the functioning of the neural networks. Neurotar is certified to work with scheduled compounds such as psychedelics.

In our second line of business, we commercialize innovative research tools (Mobile HomeCage® line of products) that enable basic research in live non-anesthetized mice. Mobile HomeCage® products eliminate the biases associated with the use of anesthetics. They allow combining high precision techniques (in vivo two-photon imaging, functional ultrasound imaging (fUS), in vivo electrophysiology, optogenetics) that require supreme stability with behavioral studies. More than 180 academic and industrial labs worldwide use the Mobile HomeCage® for brain research in awake mice.

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