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BioFinland Member

MetGen Oy

MetGen Oy
Company name

MetGen Oy


Rakentajantie 26, FI-20780 Kaarina


+358 2 237 7077





Contact person

Sami-Pekka Rantanen


Alex Michine

Main categories

Biomaterials, Industrial Biotech

Last updated

7 March 2023

Company profile

MetGen is a comprehensive biotechnology solution provider. We combine synthetic biology with chemistry and process engineering to create full industrial solutions to enable better utilization of raw materials and a new wave of bio-based materials.

Industrial lignocellulosic biomass processing generates high volumes of diverse lignin streams which are currently burnt for low-value energy purposes. With the mission of maximizing the value of renewable feedstock and waste lignin streams, MetGen has developed and commercially launched a novel lignin valorization technology, METNIN™ to valorize the underutilized lignin streams from modern biorefineries, and pulp and paper mills. METNIN™ is a unique market driven technology, which combines affordable engineering with advanced biotechnology and turns abundant industrial side streams into sustainable and recyclable alternatives for petrochemicals. Potentially, the technology produces three main products such as METNIN™SHIELD for additives in packaging applications, METNIN™ lignopolyols in polyurethane application, METNIN™ resins for plywood adhesives. MetGen’s near-term goal is to accelerate the commercialization of METNIN™ technology and widen the bio-based products to market as fast as possible.

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