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BioFinland Member

Elomatic Oy

Elomatic Oy
Company name

Elomatic Oy


Itäinen Rantakatu 72, FI-20810 Turku


+358 504738131





Contact person

Riikka Peltola


Patrik Rautaheimo

Main categories

Suppliers and Distributors and Other organisations

Last updated

18 April 2023

Company profile

Whether you need a production suite for pharmaceuticals or medical devices, we can offer you strong design expertise and reliable deliveries. We have decades of experience in designing, constructing, and qualifying new facilities and production lines for the pharmaceutical, medical device and related industries. Our designs have gained cGMP approval from authorities in Europe, the US and India.

Our services encompass all investment phases, from creating a concept to delivering the final report on operational qualification – whether your needs concern the contained production of potent API or the biological manufacturing of vaccines.

We use agreed legislation, standards and guidelines, such as GMP, ISO, ACME and ISPE, as the basis and tailor the design according to your requirements. Our goal is to create the smoothest possible process for obtaining the needed approvals for your investment.

The purpose of Elomatic is to design solutions that increase environmental and human wellbeing and improve the competitiveness of our customers. We provide you with multidisciplinary engineering services, technical consulting, product and service development, turnkey solutions and products, software development and project management.

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