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BioFinland Member

Desentum Oy

Desentum Oy
Company name

Desentum Oy


Perustie 13 A 7, FI-00330 Helsinki






Contact person

Pekka Mattila


Pekka Mattila

Main categories

Drug Discovery and Development / Drug Delivery

Last updated

1 February 2023

Company profile

Desentum is a clinical-stage, research-oriented biopharmaceutical company specialized in developing novel types of allergen immunotherapy products that are based on switching the immune system's response to allergens from hypersensitivity to tolerance. We have a unique approach for designing the hypoallergens used in immunotherapy. By studying the molecular mechanism of the hypersensitivity reaction, we have made discoveries that allow for improved design of immunotherapeutic products against common types of allergies. Our goal is to provide long-term relief for patients suffering from allergic symptoms, as well as reduce the social and economic burden allergies cause to both individuals and society.

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