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BioFinland Member

CH-Bioforce Oy

CH-Bioforce Oy
Company name

CH-Bioforce Oy


Ahventie 4 A 21-22, FI-02170 Espoo






Contact person

Petri Tolonen


Petri Tolonen

Main categories

Biomaterials, Industrial Biotech

Last updated

21 February 2023

Company profile

We strive for a dream of a cleaner world. CH-Bioforce was established to fully utilize the bio raw-materials of the world and end the increase of industrial waste.

Modern consumer industries use tons of fossil-based raw materials to make their products. At the same time, many industrial side streams, like straw, end up being unused. Not using the valuable biomaterial causes billions of tons of unhealthy emissions globally whereas they could be utilized in replacing various harmful or fossil-based ingredients in the manufacturing of various consumer products.

We are going to change that!

CH-Bioforce provides the world’s only technology which gently extracts all main components of biomass in one process. The resulting biomaterials – dissolving cellulose, polymeric hemicellulose, and sulphur-free lignin – are extremely pure and close to their natural form.

Our technology can utilize almost any biomass: wood, and non-wood such as straw or bagasse. We provide a new raw-material option for chemical, cosmetic, textile, and packaging applications, for example.

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