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BioFinland Member

BioNavis Ltd

BioNavis Ltd
Company name

BioNavis Ltd


Hermiankatu 6-8H, FI-33720 Tampere


+358 10 579 3320





Contact person

Nadia Kuisma


Dr. Tommi Vaskivuo

Main categories

Diagnostics and Bioanalytics, Preclinical CRO, Suppliers and Distributors and Other organisations

Last updated

8 March 2023

Company profile

BioNavis Ltd is a Finnish manufacturer of MP-SPR Navi™ instruments based on Multi-Parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance. We offer instruments and services to pharma, biomaterials, biosensors, environmental, medtech and others.

What can you do with MP-SPR?

Targeting of small molecule weight drugs all the way up to nanoparticles and viruses.
Affinity and kinetics of molecular binding events
Quantify drug-target, drug-lipid membranes and even drug-living cell interactions
Assay development on surface of your choice (metals for electrochemical, polymers for fluorescence, cellullose for rapid, nanoparticle-based assays)
See every step of your assay, not just the end-point! MP-SPR is label-free and real-time!
Real samples - urine, serum, cell culture broth, sea water
Biocompatibility - real-time corona formation on coatings and nanoparticles, efficiency of cleaning step

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