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BioFinland Member

Berggren Oy

Berggren Oy
Company name

Berggren Oy


Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 10 A, PO BOX 16, FI-00100 Helsinki


+358 10 227 2000





Contact person

Susa Vilkki (patents), Tarja Tchernych (trademark and legal services)


Hannu Syrjälä

Main categories

Business Development IPR and Legal services

Last updated

15 February 2019

Company profile

The Berggren Group is a leading European intellectual property agency, employing almost 170 IP experts, operating in nine locations in Finland. This uniquely versatile team offers you everything your IP needs: IP protection, searches and researches, administration (with on-line interface), watches, IP legal services and commercialization.

Our expertise in the strategically sound all-round management of patents, trademarks, utility models and domains is strong and has been highly respected and praised by our clients throughout our over 80-year history.

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