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​BioFinland Member

BioFinland Member

Aluke Oy

Aluke Oy
Company name

Aluke Oy


Kotisaarenkatu 7 A 3, FI-00560 Helsinki


+358 50 352 2523





Contact person

Hanna Sinkko


Hanna Sinkko

Main categories

Bioinformatics and other IT services, Diagnostics and Bioanalytics

Last updated

28 February 2023

Company profile

Aluke provides microbiome analytics as a service. DNA-sequencing-based classification of microbes is a data-intensive and fast way to deeply classify microbes in any environment, product, or process.

With our expertise in the field, we manage your whole microbiome study from planning to sequencing and analyzing the data. We provide a full stack service for microbiome research, from DNA extraction and sequencing to the bioinformatics of DNA sequences and statistics. We construct easy-to-use microbiome analysis tools for our customers. In addition, we consult our customers how to obtain high-quality microbiome data and use it for research or commercial purposes.

Aluke works e.g. with different industries, public health and health care, animal and environmental health, environmental monitoring and food safety.

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