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BioFinland Member

AcasiaTrade Ltd Oy

AcasiaTrade Ltd Oy
Company name

AcasiaTrade Ltd Oy


Sahkottajankatu 6 A, FI-00520 HELSINKI


+358 50 5985380





Contact person

Saara Lampelo


Saara Lampelo

Web site

Main categories

Biomaterials, Pharmaceutical, Medical devices

Last updated

4 February 2019

Company profile

Outsource experienced management services for a successful growth in life science market to:

- Go and grow: Successfully coordinated planning and implementation - From academic science and innovations to profitable business
- Get investments and funding: Systematically and credible documented preparation and negotiations for national and EU funding or investments
- Solve problems: Clear problem solutions of bottle necks in business development, growth and financing
- Concentrate in business: Outsource smart and reliable coordination and management for international/national collaborative networks and projects
- Create quality systems: Analysis of the essential needs for cost effective solutions
- Recognize and recruit good people: Build Innovative Bio Business Team
- Create a wise management team
- Get: Transitional manager, an experienced board member

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