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Gencyst Oy

Gencyst Oy
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Gencyst Oy


Saniaistie 3 F 95, FI-00730 Helsinki







Dr Nadeem Hafeez


Dr Nadeem Hafeez


Drug Discovery and Development / Drug Delivery, Preclinical CRO, Suppliers and Distributors and Other organisations

Viimeksi päivitetty

4 April 2023

Yrityksen profiili

Gencyst Oy is located at Helsinki, Finland, nurturing a fast-developing biotech industry in the research field of molecular biology, immunology, nanomedicines, and biomedical services. Gencyst is a high-tech company focusing on manufacturing and distribution of advanced products to support research and development (R&D) around the globe in the field of biological sciences.

We are manufacturing and distributing a variety of products such PCR kits, cDNA synthesis kits, ELISA kits, RNA/DNA/plasmid extraction reagents and a variety of other molecular biology reagents. Our scientists are focusing on cutting edge research in targeted drug delivery, cell biology, signal transduction and neurobiology.

Nigento Patch is an innovative product of Gencyst. A team of experts invented a unique bandage containing drug (active antifungal) loaded fine microneedles for the treatment of nail fungal infection. At Gencyst we are offering surgery free treatment to help one billion people around the globe, who are suffering from this infection.

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