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BioFinland Member

AB Enzymes Oy

AB Enzymes Oy
Company name

AB Enzymes Oy


Tykkimäentie 15 B, PO Box 26, FI-05201 Rajamäki


+358 (0) 9 290 2250





Contact person

info at


Janne Vauhkonen

Main categories

Industrial Biotech

Last updated

3 March 2023

Company profile

AB Enzymes is one of the world's oldest and best known Enzyme companies. We offer enzymes for industrial applications worldwide.

The products range from food enzymes for baking and beverages to enzymes for animal feed, the detergents industry, paper & pulp applications and textile technology.

The Company is represented in more than 50 countries worldwide with headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany. The Finnish office is located in Rajamäki, Finland.

AB Enzymes develops and distributes its own products and is also sole distributor for ROAL OY's products, a joint venture of ABF and Altia, located in Rajamäki, Finland. ROAL OY ( develops, produces and distributes patented Trichoderma-based products.

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